more than 40 years of experience in photo chemical etching and electroforming


“Knowledge is the result of experience, the rest is just information."

(Albert Einstein)

Our know-how and the way we do it

For over 40 years MECACHIMIQUE has been manufacturing complex, thin and extremely accurate metal parts through two different processes: photo chemical etching and electroforming. We can also perform additional services such as bending, heat treatment and many different kind of surface treatment.
MECACHIMIQUE is committed to continuously improving safety and the way we manage our environmental impact. We are working on reducing it every year.

It all started in 1972 …


Jacques Chavelet founded MECACHIMIQUE Company specialized in metal etching and nickel electroforming


MECACHIMIQUE settled in new facilities in Pierrelaye, in Val d'Oise area nearby Paris


Jacques Chavelet retired and passed the firm to his son, Pascal Chavelet


MECACHIMIQUE passed its first quality certification ISO 9001


Pascal Chavelet had to leave for medical reasons, Jean-Marc Beyer became the new CEO of MECACHIMIQUE


MECACHIMIQUE inaugurates its new surface treatment workshop dedicated to gilding, copper and nickel plating.

We are a responsible partner

MECACHIMIQUE, in order to respect the environment, has a good-practice and comprehensive system to treat and valorize chemical's wastes. Storage, handling, re-cycling is done by professionals. Everything is registered and tracked until waste processing has been completed in official waste-disposal facilities. We operate an on-site wastewater treatment plant with real time monitoring and tracking.

MECACHIMIQUE collaborates with official environmental agencies (D.R.I.E.E. and Water Care Agency) in order to comply with existing and future regulations and laws All of our products comply with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) European directives.

Added value

“ Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort .”

(John Ruskin)

High quality and a specific know-how

Every step of the process is monitored by our employees. Thanks to high quality measurement tools and strict visual checks we guarantee perfect and consistent quality that will benefit to your customers.
We are continuously working on improving our capabilities in chemical etching and electroforming in order to develop new products and push back the technical limits. Our unique know-how provides technical added values

We never compromise on quality

MECACHIMIQUE is certified ISO 9001 standard according to the latest version 2015. Because we aim at continuous improvement, our process' performances are evaluated with monthly indicators and internal & external audits. Employees are involved in the company's quality approach and are regularly trained to be familiar with quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard, We live quality.
According to your specifications, the final dimensional inspection can be done on every produced parts or randomly. Visual checks on both sides are always done for every parts. Depending on your request we provide a control report or a FAI (First Article Inspection) report. Every delivery includes a conformity report according to NFL 00 015-C rule.

We push back the technical limits

We are continuously working on improving our capabilities in chemical etching and electroforming in order to develop new products and push back the technical limits. Our unique know-how provides technical added values such as:

Different types of side wall profiles
Profils gravure capture
Sharp outside corners with or without rounded edges
Calibrated depth of engraving independent of the considered side
Large part size capability (up to 600x1500 mm)
Inconel, Kovar and Arcap etching
Conical holes machining

Our goal: your complete satisfaction

Customers' satisfaction makes our success:

  • Listening to clients and defining their needs;
  • On time delivery, high quality products, according to the given technical specifications, ISO 9001 standard, regulations and laws;
  • Providing technical advices for parts design;
  • Continuously improving our service for customers' benefit;
  • Building an enduring true partnership based on mutual accountability, transparency and confidence.

MECACHIMIQUE is a reliable partner. Our daily work is measured by our success – our customers' success.



on time







72h max

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(2015 indicators results issued from our quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard)

Customers references

“Trust is earned when promises are kept.”


Our pride: high customers' loyality

MECACHIMIQUE collaborates with major industry leaders in high-tech sectors such as aerospace, defence, electronics, telecommunications, medical, optical, nuclear, agribusiness and decoration. The company enjoys a good reputation based on high end quality and reliable service.

Références clients 2016
Lauréat réseau

MECACHIMIQUE joined the PCMI (Photo Chemical Machining Institute). Jean-Marc Beyer, President, has received the Réseau Entreprendre Award for his promising project for MECACHIMIQUE.

Lauréat réseau