MECACHIMIQUE is specialized in three surface treatments:
black coating – gilding – nickel plating

Anti-reflective black coating
or copper black oxide

The key features of our anti-reflective black coating

  • Outstanding performance in the visible spectrum
  • Hemispheric reflectance < 1,5%
  • Certified for space, military and medical applications
  • Single- or double-sided treatment
  • Compatible with selective masking


The key features of our gilding process

  • Approved by the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Can be done on sheets or on individual parts
  • Sustainable chemical formulation regarding the REACH regulation
  • Only for industrial applications

Nickel plating
Nickel electroplating
Chemical nickel plating

The key features of our electrolytic and chemical nickel-plating process

  • Electrolytic nickel-plating using nickel sulfamate without organic additives in order to retain the best deposit ductility
  • Low phosphorous chemical nickel coating guaranteeing a perfect deposit homogeneity over the whole surface
  • Very good corrosion protection

New, modern and environmentally friendly facilities

MECACHIMIQUE has invested in a new surface treatment workshop dedicated to gilding and nickel coating. Facilities use a zero liquid discharge system that recycles water. In this way, we preserve environment and save natural resources. The coating thickness is measured by X-ray fluorescence controlling machine.